Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer weddings?
No, weddings were discontinued in 2019. We have no plans to offer weddings on our property.

Is the restaurant open for Mother's Day, Thanksgiving or major holidays?
The sit-down portion of the restaurant is not currently offered. You can enjoy quality meals prepared by our staff of the Grand Oak restaurant at our festivals. For example, Mother's Day can be enjoyed during the Lavender Festival (just the festival menu offered, no separate menu) with no reservations accepted. Certain holidays such as Thanksgiving, we are closed to allow staff to celebrate the holidays at home.

Do you rent your rooms?
At this time we are not offering any of our hotel rooms to the public. We have no immediate plans to open the hotel portion of the ranch.

Can I come for Burger Nights of Pizza Nights?
No, these events are no longer offered at our restaurant. We recommend you plan your visit around one of our festivals to enjoy meals from our kitchen.

I lost my membership what should I do?
Contact customer service via email ( or by phone at 951-845-1151. We recommend you have the order number, date of order, email associated with the membership and name used to purchase the membership ready before contacting us.

Can I take photos on your property?
Approved photo shoots can be taken on the ranch. Please visit our photoshoot policy page for more information. Click here.

Can I bring my pet to your ranch?
The property has free roaming farm dogs on the property. They are friendly to humans and service animals. They are not friendly to pets. Pets are not allowed on the property.

Are you hiring?
For employment inquiries please email your resume to

Do you have a lost and found?
Any items that are found on our property will be taken to the Front Desk at the end of the day. Unclaimed items will be donated or discarded after a period of six (6) months.