Food is prepared in-house by The Grand Oak Farm to Table. Prices and menu options may change without prior notice.

All prices exclude sales taxes. All major credit cards and cash are accepted.


Housemade Sausages


*Upgrade to a SOFT pretzel  for $2 extra



german-style bratwurst made with all-natural pork, served with housemade sauerkraut on hoagie  12



fresh ground all-natural pork, served with guacamole & onions on hoagie  12


Lamb Sausage

fresh ground lamb with mint & rosemary from our organic farm served with roasted potatoes on hoagie  12


Grilled Corn  4



"Not Your Father's Root Beer" Float

made with hard root beer and vanilla ice cream $9


Pretzel crusted Chocolate Beer Cookie $2


Chocolate Donut Holes

with Beer caramel 5


Cotton Candy 5


Lavender Honey Ice Cream  5

Beer Ice cream  5

Watermelon Sorbet  5

Peach & Ginger Beer Sorbet  5


Soft Pretzel Bites

with cheesy beer sauce  6


Popcorn  4




Street Tacos  3 each

carne asada, pork al pastor, marinated chicken, lechon  (whole roasted pork)


Nachos  12

cheese, sour cream, guacamole, choice of meat (carne asada, pork al pastor, marinated chicken, lechon - whole roasted pork)


*Upgrade to a SOFT pretzel for $2 extra

All sausages served on hoagie with sauerkraut


Nürnberger Bratwurst  10

Italian Sausage  10

Spicy Hungarian Sausage  10

Polish Sausage 10

Frankfurter  10



baked all-natural pork shank, served with sauerkraut  13


Grilled Corn  4


All hot dogs $10 (made with Hebrew National hot dog, served on hoagie)


L.A. Street Dog

grilled peppers and onions, topped with bacon bits


Chicago-Style Dog

tomatoes, organic relish, sport peppers, onions


Chili Dog

all-natural beef chili, shredded cheddar cheese, cilantro coleslaw


Kimchi Dog

sautéed kimchi, Korean mustard, shredded nori


Guacamole Sriracha Dog

fresh guacamole & sriracha sauce topped with onions



Chile Verde Fries  12


Carne Asada Fries  12


Chili Fries  12


French Fries  5

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