Anheuser Busch

St. Louis, MO

Franziskaner Weissbier ABV 5%

Hoegaarden Belgian Wheat ABV 4.9%

Leffe Blonde Ale ABV 6.6%



Ballast Point Brewing Company:

Temecula, CA

Grapefruit Sculpin ABV 7%

Orange Cream Ale ABV 5.6%



Breckenridge Brewing Company

Littleton, CO

Vanilla Porter ABV 5.4%

Mango Mosaic ABV 5.5%

Agave Wheat ABV 4.4%



Coachella Valley Brewing Company Thousand Palms, CA

Desert Swarm Honey Double Wit ABV 7%

ESB Ms. Understood Bitter ABV 4.7%




Common Cider Company

Sparks, NV

Blood Orange Tangerine Hard Cider ABV 6.5%

Hibiscus Saison Hard Cider ABV 6.5%



EEL River Organic Brewing Company Fortuna, CA

Organic India Pale Ale IPA 7.2%

Organic California Blonde Ale ABV 5.8%

Beer List

Euryale Brewing Co

Riverside, CA

Perseus Pale Ale ABV 5.8%

Argonauts Amber ABV 5.3%


Garage Brewing Company

Temecula, CA

Mango Hefeweizen ABV 5.5%

Blueberry Lavender ABV 5.2%

Green Tea w/ honey ABV 5.2%



Golden Coast Mead Brewery

Oceanside, CA

Something Something Sour

Clover Blossom



Golden Road Brewing Company

Los Angeles, CA

Melon Cart Wheat ABV 4%

“Get Up Offa That” Brown Ale ABV 5.5%



Hangar 24 Craft Brewing

Redlands, CA

Aventura Ale ABV 4.6%

Chocolate Bomber Porter 8%

Orange Wheat Ale ABV 4.6%



Kings Brewing Company

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Juicy B Hazy IPA ABV 7%

Elote Cream Ale ABV 5%



Stone Brewing Company

Escondido, CA

Idolatrous IPA ABV 7%

Scorpion Bowl IPA ABV 7.5%

Below is a list of beer we will be serving during the festival. Beer menu may change without notice.

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