Tickets to the Lavender Festival

Tickets are available for purchase either online or at the door. We highly recommend purchasing your tickets online to skip the line.  Group rates for registered tour buses of 25 or more people are available. Please inquire by calling Savannah at 951-845-1151.


When does your lavender bloom?

The lavender varieties grown at 123 Farm are Provence (50%), Vera (40%) and Munstead (10%). The Provence and Vera typically begin to bloom in mid-June. The Munstead usually begins to bloom near the end of May. Certain lavender varieties in our sample lavender garden begin to bloom in May.



May 23-July 6, 2019














































ADULT (18-64)






SENIOR (65+)






STUDENT (13-17)






CHILD (0-12)





























































*if available








*Wagon tours are very popular and typically sell out early on the day of the festival. We highly recommend purchasing tickets online to ensure your spot.

**Free street parking is available around the farm. From Saturday-Sunday, free parking and free shuttle service is available from Beaumont High School Stadium to the festival grounds. Beaumont High School Stadium is located at 200 Brookside Ave., Beaumont, CA 92223. Shuttle service is available from 10 am to 30 minutes after the festival closes.

Our best value! Join 123 Farm's membership program for additional benefits and discounts all year round. See chart below:


Become a member for free admission to all festivals & perks!






















Discount can be applied at the food court, ice cream booth, bar, workshops, tours, retail (Organic Marketplace, Organic Galleries, Flower Market, etc.) and any other booth run by 123 Farm.

*Discount is not available online, only in person when presenting your membership with a valid photo ID


Outside of the festival the discount can be applied to the sourdough bread workshop, farm camp, art camp, meals at The Grand Oak Farm to Table.





Cultured Food Festival

Sheep Shearing Festival

Sausage & Beer Festival

Chili Pepper Festival

Seasonglass Green Tea Festival

Olive Festival

Christmas on the Farm


To view all festivals and events click here.


$70 per year



Unlimited Admission

Parking NOT included


1 meal

2 drinks

2 desserts





























Free admission for member plus one guest

(and free parking for one vehicle)

$30 per year



One Time Admission

Parking NOT included


1 meal

1 drink

1 dessert





























Free admission for member (and free parking for one vehicle)



Membership FAQ


Is free parking to the Lavender Festival included with my membership?


No, free parking is not included with your membership for the Lavender Festival. Free parking is available for all other festivals. VIP Members get 20% off paid parking at the door and Blue Members get 10% off paid parking at the door.



Can I bring one person with me with my VIP Membership to the Lavender Festival?


No, only the member is allowed free access to the Lavender Festival with a VIP membership. For all the other festivals, the VIP member may bring one guest along for free admission.



How long is my membership good for?


Your membership is good for one year after purchase.



Do I get meal vouchers for every festival?


No, the meal, drink and dessert vouchers are a one-time deal. You are welcome to use them at the Lavender Festival, or any other festival for the up to $12 towards a meal and $6 towards a drink and dessert.



What other festival do you have?


Cultured Food Festival - February

Sheep Shearing Festival - March

Lavender Festival - May to July (dates may vary)

Sausage & Beer Festival - July

Chili Festival - August

Seasonglass Green Tea Festival - September

Olive Festival & Pumpkin Patch - October

Christmas at 123 Farm - December



Are the memberships refundable?


No, the memberships are non-refundable.



Can I use my membership to get discounts online?


We are currently not set up to accept online discounts. Discounts can be received by showing your membership with valid photo ID in person.



How do I get access to the VIP Lounge?


Please come to the Front Desk for a key. Only for VIP members.




VIP and Preferred Parking guests may park on the festival grounds located at Highland Springs Ranch & Inn for a fee. VIP Parking spaces are not available on the day of the festival. It must be purchased in advance.


Parking Location:

Highland Springs Ranch & Inn

10600 Highland Springs Ave.

Cherry Valley, CA 92223


To purchase VIP Parking ($50) click here.

To purchase Preferred Parking ($20) click here.



Free Street Parking (Thursday) at streets adjacent to:

123 Farm

10600 Highland Springs Ave.

Cherry Valley, CA 92223


Saturday & Sunday

Free Parking (Saturday-Sunday) at:

Beaumont Unified School District Administrative Building

(Brookside Ave. entrance - South Gate)

200 Brookside Ave.

Beaumont, CA 92223

Shuttle service is available for free from 10 am until 30 minutes after the festival ends.





What is the Lavender Festival?


The Lavender Festival is an annual event which started in 2004 and is held over six weekends in May & June at Highland Springs Ranch & Inn (owned by a non-profit organization focused on preserving the environment). We open our grounds to the public and showcase the organic lavender of 123 Farm which covers a large proportion of our grounds. The first year about 1000 people attended, but the numbers have steadily increased and thousands of guests have graced our doors. The festival focuses on creating a peaceful atmosphere to give our guests a chance to relax and enjoy the fragrance and views of the lavender fields. We encourage activities which, and vendors who reflect our health philosophy.



What is your pet policy?


We value all our guests with disabilities, and we welcome service animals on our farm. Due to our property being certified organic and our philosophy to adhere and honor those rules, no pets other than ADA trained and harnessed service animals are allowed on the grounds.



Is parking free? Where do we park?


There are four parking options:

1. VIP Parking on-site ($50).

2. Preferred Parking on-site ($20) with free golf cart shuttle service.

3. Free street parking.

4. Free parking at Beaumont High School Stadium (Saturday and Sundays) with free shuttle service to the festival. The stadium is about 3 miles away.

*Accessible Parking is available on-site (VIP or Preferred) and at Beaumont High School Stadium.


Beaumont High School Stadium

(Brookside Ave. Entrance - South Gate)

200 Brookside Ave., Beaumont CA 92223


Shuttle buses will run continuously from 10 am to 8:30 pm on Saturday, and from 10 am to 6:30 pm on Sunday.


We regret that there will are no spaces on-site for golf carts to park.




Are the grounds wheelchair accessible?


The festival is held outdoors on a grassy area with gravel paths and the fields are part of our working farm. As such there are some areas that will be inaccessible to guests in wheelchairs.



Do you accept cash only?


Most  booths accept cards - all the food booths, including the dessert cafe, the Organic Market Place, the Organic Galleries and the Admissions desk. Cash will be accepted throughout the Festival grounds and an ATM machine will be available in the front lobby.



How do I become a vendor for the Lavender Festival?


If you offer a unique product that is handmade, organic, offers a health benefit or a non-profit that has a worth cause that is in line with our vision, please e-mail for more information (please include a description of your products and images).

*We accept a very limited number of food vendors. If you make organic, natural and/or healthy food that is delicious please contact us.



Is the Festival hiring?


We may are hiring for temporary positions during the festival. Please call 951-845-1151 for more information.



How can I become a volunteer?


The Lavender Festival is a growing event, and we are always looking for volunteers to help make the festival a success. Please contact us at 951-845- 1151 or e-mail Volunteers receive benefits that may include a gift certificate to our restaurant or gift shop. You can also register online by clicking here.



What are the hours for your restaurant?


The Grand Oak Farm to Table is open seasonally and will not be open during the Lavender Festival. There will be an outdoor dinner buffet available on Friday and Saturday night. Click here to purchase tickets.



What are the rules to observe while attending the festival?


No picnicking.

No outside alcohol or beverages.

No smoking or vaping anywhere on the property.

No natural features may be removed from our property, including rocks, pine cones, wood, flowers, etc.

Please do not pick any fruits from our trees or plants from our gardens - including lavender.

No one may climb or go under the thousand-year- old-oak tree.

If you see anyone breaking any of these rules or otherwise acting in an unruly manner, please do not approach the person yourself; inform your department head or someone at the information booth.



Do you offer group rates or discounts?


Group rates for registered tour buses of 25 or more people are available. Please inquire by calling 951-845-1151 and ask for Savannah.



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