Photography Rules and Regulations:


Any photo shoot taking place at Highland Springs Resort (HSR) with a professional photographer is subject to a fee (FOR WEDDING AND ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY, PLEASE CALL THE RESORT. PRICES MAY VARY, please view the photography contract). In order to perform a photo shoot, a professional photographer or their client must make an appointment with HSR for a scheduled day and time. Please inquire about professional filming rates.

Non-Professional Photography:
You are welcome to take photographs of HSR for your own use and enjoyment, but please observe the conditions below. Photographers intending to sell their images must pay the fees above. Photographers not intending to sell their images may be asked to sign a waiver to that effect.

Media/Press Photography:
Media organizations must contact the Marketing Department before filming of any kind at HSR. No fees will be charged to photographers with appropriate press credentials. Marketing Office: 951-845-1151 x188

Student and Non-profit Photography:
Student photographers and nonprofit organizations are subject to the same guidelines that apply to commercial projects. Some fees may be reduced or waived. Formal requests for reduced or waived fees must be made 7 days prior to any photo session.

1. Before approval for a shoot can be given, full details on the nature of the project intended use of the photos, film or videotape, the proposed dates, times, number of people involved, and any other related information must be submitted prior to day of shoot.
2. For commercial use, a copy of the script/text/storyboard also must be submitted for approval. Once approval has been granted, a Certificate of Insurance indicating liability coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 against damages to persons, grounds, buildings, or plant life, and naming HSR as an additional insured, must be presented before photography/filming is to take place.
3. Appropriate attire is required at all times. When available, facilities other than public restrooms may be used for an additional charge (please contact the resort for pricing).
4. Photographers are not allowed to block pathways or visitor access to any area of HSR.
5. Lavender fields or other plant displays may not be disturbed. Plant or garden labels and other signs may not be changed or removed.
6. Crews must be able to complete the shoot with their own equipment (e.g., extension cords, lights, generators); HSR electric power may not be used without prior permission.
7. Vehicles may not be driven on the grounds.
8. HSR reserves the right to cancel permission at any time without penalty or refund.
9. If cancellation occurs due to poor weather, rescheduling is contingent upon availability of the grounds.
10. Any and all damages or losses to the property will be the responsibility of the outside organization requesting access to HSR.
11. HSR is a smoke-free area; smoking is not allowed inside HSR grounds or in the parking lots.

HSR reserves the right to refuse admittance for wedding or bridal photography and/or change the Photo Policy without advance notice.

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Highland Springs Resort grounds & property is closed to visitors from Monday to Friday.
Grounds are open to visitors Saturday and Sunday after signing in and receiving a VISITOR PASS.
Please no pets and no picnicking. Please call (951) 845-1151 to make an appointment for visits.